3)  "Bird's Eye View" 15"Wx20"H mirror. Acrylic painted wood base with glass, wire, mirror and crystal accents.
"Gourdingo Mire"
1)  "Gourdingo Mire" mirror 22"Wx35"H  Acrylic painted mirror with gourd, copper and crystal accents.
"Trading Faces"
2)  "Diva Mirror" 12"Wx18"H pink acrylic painted wood base. Can be hanging or standing. Also available in blues and greens.
"Bird's Eye View"
"Diva Mirror"
4)  "Trading Faces 1" 20"Wx24"H mirror. Acrylic painted wood with wood cutouts applied. Glass bead and sequin accents.
"Trading Faces 2"
5)  "Trading Faces 2" 16 1/2"Wx28"H mirror. Acrylic painted wood base with shelf attached. Glass bead and crystal accents.
Gallery 1
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15)  "Ivy"  74"Hx24"Wx20"D large 3D sculpture.  Soft sculpture, copper sheeting and tubing, salvaged iron frame, wood and fabric.
14)  "Gourdingo"  28"Hx22"Wx15"D  3D sculpture.  Gourds, acrylic paints, fabric, copper sheeting and tubing, fimo and salvaged wood base.
11)  "Renatus"  84"Hx21"Wx21"D large 3D sculpture.  Soft sculpture, salvaged organ pipes, copper sheeting, acrylic paint, small wood attached table, salvaged machine mold.
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"King Fisher"
18)  "King Fisher" 17"W x 20"H x 8"D  Made from gourds, copper sheeting and nails, wood, fimo, crystals, salvaged machine mold base with small working clock in body of bird.
 17) "Fleur-a-bunga" 33"Wx41"Hx8"D  Floral Centerpiece made from Gourds, copper piping, salvaged clarinet, salvaged machine mold base, copper sheeting and nails, crystals, acrylic paint.