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Cherie, born and raised in New York, is a resident of Sunapee, NH.  Her home expresses her philosophy, which in summary is, "My environment-wherever I am-is my canvas."  The artist regards landscaping as a therapy that allows her to keep her feet on the ground and turn all of life into fanciful and witty self-expression.  Stroll down the winding path that leads to her boathouse, and you will experience scores of fanciful creations:  everything from topiaries shaped like flying bats, to finely crafted sculptures.  Sit in her living room and take in the beautifully detailed paintings she has produced since her early teen years.  Cherie's siblings became accustomed early in life to her unpredictable artistic obsession.  Even as a preschooler she began to dabble in mixed-media work, though the media consisted mainly of strained peas, overcooked pasta and left-over marinara sauce!  Cherie's Mother and Father first noticed her artistic potential when one afternoon she colored in the patterns on the dining room wallpaper.  She simply cold not bear to leave an open space unadorned. 

Cherie is self-taught and worked for many years as a graphic artist and illustrator.  Most of her artwork originates from "within my head, not in front of my eyes."  She now works in a wide variety of media including ceramics, jewelry, wood, and textiles.  She is at her best while painting, or in a salvage yard looking for ordinary objects to utilize in extraordinary ways.  She views her lakefront home as an opportunity for artistic expression.  Her grounds are a work of art that changes with every season.  Every piece she creates is handmade and hand-detailed.  Each brush stroke, accessory and whimsical touch reflects Cherie's artistic style.  Her handiwork includes decorative birdhouses, mirrors with hand painted frames, unique boxes, and one of a kind portraiture.  Having dealt successfully with a long-term disability, Cherie devotes herself full-time to the pursuit and refinement of her craft and art.  She is a juried artist in the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen.  Her work can be viewed at The Banks Gallery, New London, NH.
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